Management Support 

The management of information security and business continuity processes within an organization is becoming ever more complex. The use of new technologies to improve team productivity also creates problems. In addition, risk management must take into account impacts and consequences in an overall business context.

Our Expertise

Thanks to their expertise, our highly experienced consultants are ready to manage your organization’s business continuity program and security, thereby allowing you to focus on achieving your business objectives.

We can also help you to define a profile for the ideal candidate to oversee your organization’s security and continuity management on a permanent basis. Should you wish to assign these responsibilities to a member of your team, we can also provide support for this person throughout the development of objectives and processes to be implemented, as well as offer periodical follow-ups on progress.


The management support services allow your organization to ensure that these activities are carried out in compliance with trade practices and to avoid problems inherent in these areas of management when your personnel does not have the required experience to fully assume these responsibilities.

The coaching that we recommend helps to reduce the learning curve for the person appointed to the task and to ensure the quick handling of any of the issues that an organization may face, in order to address the specifc priorities of your organization.