GSR Risk Management Cycle 

A proven systematic approach, the GSR risk management cycle is used to identify, characterize, prevent and mitigate risks within organizations.

Since risks cannot be completely eliminated, the adoption of a structured process is essential. It is also fundamental to identify the residual risk level, i.e. the level at which the consequences of a specific threat are judged acceptable and manageable by the organization facing it.

Our risk management approach rests upon the interdependence between the cycle’s four phases and the four ongoing activities. Our vision of the management cycle illustrates how “Surveillance”, “Communications”, “Auditing” and “Leadership” underlay the actions related to risk “Mitigation”, “Preparedness” to eventualities and the process of “Response” as well as “Recovery” that is set in motion when situations arise or risks become a reality.

We invite you to explore the phases that form our risk management cycle and the ongoing activities that drive the process.

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