Our Services 

The GSR Consulting Group specializes in business continuity, information security and crisis management. We have an experienced, bilingual, multidisciplinary team, supported by highly experienced consultants who can understand and analyze your organization’s issues.

Our approach encourages the constant presence of our staff in the workplace to ensure that the solutions we propose are adapted to the reality of your business. Our commitment to teamwork also ensures that all our consultants benefit from the high level of expertise and the experience available within our group.

Our Expertise

The ongoing training of our consultants together with their rigorous approach ensure the “justifiable” integration of new technology into the field’s best practices. Our consultants’ impartiality guarantees objective advice that does not rely upon existing products, services or strategies.    

In short, we have a solid, experienced, multidisciplinary team that will successfully see your projects through to completion, however small or large they are.