Plan Maintenance 

You’ve invested time, money and efforts in developing your business continuity, disaster recovery and crisis management plans. You are now ready to face the unexpected. With time, organizations change: business processes evolve, personnel changes and operations are redefined. These changes can impact the accuracy and efficiency of your plans. A structured maintenance process is essential.


Maintenance guarantees that the information contained in your plans will be reliable and accurate. Schedules are drawn up based on the nature of the information. As an example, emergency employee lists would be updated each trimester while continuity strategies would be updated once per year. Essential to this process is a surveillance procedure that will promptly identify any possible gaps or changes to the information matrix of your plans.

Our expertise

The GSR Consulting Group has gained a vast understanding of the events and circumstances capable of impacting our client’s business continuity programs. We can identify the potential internal and external sources of these events and ensure that your business continuity program continues to reflect your organization’s operational reality.