Group from Quebec of consulting services, information technologies solutions and investment, we are active in Canada (Montreal and Quebec), in France and in the United States. Since 1992, we offer a wide range of services to large and medium-sizes enterprises as well as to public and parapublic organizations. Our technical expertise, combined with our knowledge of the North-American and European markets, has granted us a unique know-how that we share with our consultants and customers.

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Montague was founded in 1996 in New York by Kathleen Lucey and Herve Riou, in order to unify the various risk management and continuity disciplines into single integrated program for clients. Evolving largely from the regulated corporate and large government agency world, traditional Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity were becoming further and further isolated from the real world of private sector business. And so we designed Montague from the beginning to be innovative and responsive to real business requirements.