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Information accuracy

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Furthermore, it is possible that plug-ins, Internet applications or transmission problems generated by your Internet or network provider may occasionally cause downloading or display problems, which result in incomplete or inaccurate information. The products and services presented on the Web site are subject to the terms and conditions of the contracts governing the various components involved in the functioning of the Web site.

Finally, the actualization, update, accuracy and integrity of the information contained on the Web site is not guaranteed since the latter can be amended with prior notice, based on the constantly evolving needs of the organization and its customers. Consequently, it is possible changes have been made quickly to the information, products or services described on the Web site and that the changes have not yet been reflected therein. Please contact us before acting upon information contained in this Web site in order to obtain the most recent information about what you are interested in.

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For your convenience, GSR Consulting Group provides links to external sites or to parts of third-party sites. However, when you leave the Web site, GSR Consulting Group no longer has any control over the content and the operations of the external Web sites that you visit, nor over their confidentiality practices. Consequently, any personal information that you transmit through these sites is subject to their privacy policies. You are thus responsible for reviewing these policies to ensure the protection of your personal information.

References to third-party products or services, as well as links to other sites presented on the Web site shall not be interpreted as recommendations or unconditional approvals of these products, services, sites or third parties named therein. Also, we make no warranties of any kind, nor assume any responsibility whatsoever, in relation with inaccuracies that may be contained in these sites or transmitted by them, or with accounting, relevance, viruses, computer worms or any other destructive or disruptive component on these external sites or generated by them.

Liability waiver/limitation

To the fullest extent permitted by effective laws, we waive all warranties, expressed or implied, including, without limitation, implied warranties of quality, fitness for use, non infringement or lack of computer viruses and warranties arising from established business practices or course of performance. We do not declare nor guarantee that the functions contained on this Web site will be uninterrupted or error free, that failures will be corrected nor that the Web site or the server providing access to it are free of viruses or other dangerous elements. We make no warranties or declarations concerning the use of the Web site’s components in terms of their integrity, fidelity, accuracy, adequate character, usefulness, actuality, reliability, etc. You should not act upon the present content, nor rely on it, without having consulted a certified specialist beforehand.

In any case, we shall not be held liable for direct, indirect, special, punitive damages nor for monetary loss, even if you have informed us in advance of the possibility they may be claimed, be it in a contractual, extra-contractual or civil liability remedy or any other law theory resulting from or relative to the use, incapacity to use or execution of offered services or products, and in information or messages displayed on the Web site. This liability limitation clause is applied despite the failure of any legally limited open remedy.

You use this Web site at your own risk and you agree not to suggest otherwise.


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If you experience any prejudice or disagree, in any way whatsoever, with the provisions of the present terms of use, your only remedy is to leave this Web site.

The present terms of use and all other legal notices displayed on this Web site constitute the entire agreement existing between us in relation with the use of the Web site and its content.